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Female Escorts Required Glasgow Escorts needed straight away to join our agency.

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Agencies have their advantages and lots of new Glasgow escorts feel more comfortable with the idea of not starting out totally alone.

Why? Look what new independent escorts have to do to get started.

  • Get yourself noticed. Find a genuine escort directory that actually has traffic coming to it there are many that don’t and it can cost big money just to get your profile found.
  • Great photographs, the key to getting any business, you could take them on your phone but do you think that will really get the clients interested in spending big money.
  • Handling all the calls. Your phone has to be on at least 12 hours a day and believe us 75% of the calls and texts you get will from cranks weirdos and time wasters.
  • Find a flat so you can accommodate the clients who can only visit you this is a large percentage of the business, do you really want clients turning up at your home.
  • What about security do you have someone you can trust that you can tell them where you are and what your doing. What if you don’t?

5 Reasons To Join Glasgow Escorts Agency

  • If your reading this chances are you found our website straight away thats because we invest in keeping our website at the top of the search rankings if you found us easily so do all our new and existing clients. More traffic to us more business to you.
  • Free professional photography for all new escorts joining our agency.
  • We handle all the calls arrange all the booking details and pass on the business. we make it that simple for you.
  • We have luxury apartments close to the city centre you can use for free.
  • We monitor you whereabouts at all times, our call handlers are always there and working while ever you are no matter how early or late.

It Is Totally Free To Join Our Agency. How Do we Do It !

Thats right you will not be asked for a single penny to join our agency. 

There are a lot of scam agencies out there, so many agencies will charge you to join them. The reason is they have no business, thats right no clients they simply make money by charging you a joining fee and this can be anywhere from £50.00 to £500 and you will be left waiting for your phone to ring. You may have already experienced this, we know a lot of new escorts have.

Glasgow Escorts Agency is different, because we have been in business so many years and built our reputation on being honest and fair to both our escorts and our clients. In fact we have a huge bank of existing clients that keep coming back to us. This is why we don’t have to charge any new escorts when they join us because we know the work is already there for them and we will make our commission once you get the work.

The Truth About Escort Agencies

Lets be totally honest not all agencies are reputable or honest, as in any walk of life there are always low lifes out there willing to exploit the inexperienced and naive.

So lets be clear about how Glasgow Escorts Agency works.

  • You are not employed by us in any way. There Are No Contracts Full Stop
  • You are free to leave the agency whenever you want. Complete flexibility to come and go as many of our existing escorts have done for years.
  • All our escorts are able to choose the hours they work we never dictate this.
  • All our escorts are paid directly from the client you will never be waiting on money.
  • All our escorts choose the services they want to offer, again to be clear we would never dictate this.


Some Genuine Advice from a post left by an escort on  SAAFE’s Forum In Reply To Female Escorts Required Glasgow

When you’ve got no idea where to start but need to start finding out something about existing agencies, I usually recommend looking at the review sites that punters use (search Punternet or Punterlink into Google if you don’t know them already!), because these are places where punters report on reliability, quality and services etc at establishments and with agency girls as well as indie ones. They’re big sites but rummaging through them is worth it. Of course, don’t forget that the reviews and discussions are from the point of view of the client rather than the Glasgow escorts, so it’s not perfect but it’s definitely possible to get a good idea of which parlours and agencies are the most popular.

If a place is popular, that will often positively correlate to the happiness of the women working there. Make sure to read bad reviews and reports even more carefully than good ones for clues about the state of the place (flats etc), facilities, unhappy escorts etc. It’s important to read everything you can find because one report alone isn’t much good, and definitely don’t let your hopes that a fancy-sounding agency isn’t a scam affect your judgement!

Another step is to check the sex worker forums – searching SAAFE’s forum using the search form and also registering on Guild of Harlots (see Google) if you can are good ideas.

At the end of the day, nothing beats applying to an agency or calling  From the start, they should agree to answer all your questions not ask for money up front. If they can’t even do this part properly then kick them to the curb straight away!  If you talk to them but you feel like they’re evasive with any of your questions, or if they ask you anything inappropriate (there are perfectly decent ways to discuss services and stuff without anything getting uncomfortable), or if you simply find that they aren’t the agency you’re looking for, then again, move on with your search. You don’t owe anyone anything.

Don’t forget: Confirm with the agency that it’s cash up-front with all clients, that there is a security procedure, and how they want you to pay your commission.

Finally, don’t forget that even if you’ve been working with an agency for ages, your free to let them go if you’re not happy.

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Female Escorts Required Glasgow