New Glasgow Escort Agency Website

Hi to all:

As you will have noticed we have had to completely rebuild the new Glasgow Escort Agency website.

Our old website had served us well for so many years but unfortunately time catches up with us all and the web has changed so much since we launched the agency back in 2003 (can you believe the site was 15 years old) that the design of the site was no longer supported by modern servers and browsers.

Although we will miss some of the features of the old site the new site is now mobile and tablet friendly, will be incredibly fast to load and easier to navigate. On top of this it will improve our rankings and make us easier to find in any search.

As we go through the updates I ask for your patience as we will continually be improving the site. Any comments or suggestions about the design or navigation are welcomed as we want the site to be as easy to use as possible.

Keep checking back for any news.


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